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iGIS is a drone application professional enterprise based on the spatial information.

We will make forwards with continuous investment and successful business performance.

"Word Star Company"

    • 2030
    • Growing into a World Star Company
    • 2028
    • Smart City
    • Sensing data processing and control system development using IOT
    • 2026
    • Smart City Control System Development
    • Waterworks, sewerage, road, communication, gas, etc.
    • 2024
    • Drones Air Traffic Control System development (UTM)
    • 2022
    • Drone Platform Development
    • Android, IOS, PC Version
    • Serer interlock function
    • 2020
    • iGIS commercialization (orthophotograph, equipped with drone function)
    • GIS-Drone development
    • iSIS input and editing function development linked with Drone and LiDAR(Drone field, precision mapping)
    • Land valuation service
    • Mobile field survey system development and sales