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A convenient solution for surveying and editing on-site drawings through Mobile App based on field work map

  • Modularization of functions

    By collecting necessary functions

  • Intuitive screen composition

    Easy to learn and use

  • Customizing

    Customized service

Field survey system

  • 1Pre-work
    • Layer Setting
    • Change data into points, lines, and faces
    • Three-dimensional data is managed with height values
    • ID grant
    • Use as key value
    • Random ID generation
    • Basic data input
    • Contents input in text form based on road name address

  • 2Field Data Collector
    • Attribute input
    • Attribute input for the surveyed data
    • Figure input
    • Road width input, facility offset input
    • Information input
    • Associate with object data after photographing

  • 3Post-processing work
    • Road editing and attribute linkage
    • Facility editing associated with roads
    • Check fan-in and input
    • Print
    • Drawing print studied by mobile field survey system